Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Is it plug and play or does it require installation?

The GeyserSteam was designed to be plug and play. No need to modify the electricity or do any plumbing work. It comes with a self-contained drain system that was specially desinged for the GeyserSteam. 

  • Where do I plug it in?
You can plug it in to any wall outlet. It uses 110V so no need to modify the electric panel. Just make sure you don't plug anything else to the same circuit while the steamer is connected since it uses the maximum amperage for a regular house circuit. 
  • How long does the order take to arrive?

The order ships from our warehouse in South Florida within 5 to 14 business days after the order is placed and transit time is 2 to 5 business days depending on the location

  • Is there any warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty for residential use. If anything stops working reach out and we'll either fix it or replace it at no additional cost. The warranty covers the steamer machine and the cabin. You can buy additional warranty years at checkout or reaching out to hello@geysersteamroom.com

  • Can I get a refund?

Yes, we are so confident in our GeyserSteam that we offer a 30-days return policy. More details on our refund page.

  • How do you clean the GeyserSteam?

You can clean a similar way you clean a shower. It's safe to use any cleaning products and disinfectants. It's super easy to clean. After using it, use the squegee to empty the water down the drain and then remove and empty the water tray. We also recommend leaving the doors open until it dries. 

  • Does it work for indoors or outdoors?

It works both indoors and outdoors. For outdoors we recommend using a cover to protect it further. Outdoor weather should be above freezing temperatures (over 32 Fahrenheit) to avoid the water from the steamer to freeze. 

  • How does the drain work?

It has a specially designed draining system. After using use to squegee to clean empty any remaining water from the floor and walls down the drain. Then open the drawer where the water tray is (at the bottom below the base) and just empty the water from the tray. 

  • Is there any financing available?

Yes, we have a few options for financing available at checkout. Affirm for financing up to 36 months or other options to pay in 4 quotes.

  • Does it come assembled?

No, it comes in boxes. It's easy to assemble, just follow the instructions and the video. We also offer a professional assembly service

  • How to assemble?

To assemble the GeyserSteam, two people should work together following these simple steps. Utilize a power drill to secure the panels using provided screws. For a more detailed visual guide, we recommend watching the instructional video.

How to Assemble the Fly Geyser video.

How to Assemble the Excelsior video.

  • What tools do I need to assemble it?

A power drill is all you need. Two people are required for assembly.

  • How long does it take to assemble?

It takes about 2-3 hours to assemble.